FUEL Barracuda
Achievement drive    Barracuda
Unlocked Dustbowl City
Cost 90900
Speed FUEL Bar 6
Acceleration FUEL Bar 5
Grip FUEL Bar 4
Brake FUEL Bar 5
Reliability FUEL Bar 6
Asphalt FUEL Bar 6
Off-road FUEL Bar 1
Max Speed 126mph

  • Modelled after the FIA European truck racing machines. Even though this truck is not as powerful as its real life counterparts (some real engines make as much as 1500hp), it is still the fastest asphalt truck you can find in the game.
  • The problem is that's it's very difficult to control. Even though you stop pressing the turn keys, it wants to keep on turning! So, you end up over-turning all over the place, making it very difficult to keep on course. That means all that speed is about as useful as a tick on a dog's ass, since you can't stay on the road long enough to use it.