FUEL Dustgrinder
Achievement drive    Dustgrinder
Unlocked Redrock Bluffs
Cost 33600
Speed FUEL Bar 3
Acceleration FUEL Bar 3
Grip FUEL Bar 2
Brake FUEL Bar 4
Reliability FUEL Bar 2
Asphalt FUEL Bar 1
Off-road FUEL Bar 6
Max Speed 93mph

  • Can go faster than the Shuriken, but corners more stiffly, which makes staying on smaller dirt-roads trickier. The key to controlling the Dustgrinder (like most drifty vehicles) is to let off the gas when cornering. Once you point yourself in the direction you want to go, lay on the gas again. If you just hold the gas down while cornering you'll over-drift and potentially lose control.
  • While it has 2 more bars in Acceleration than the Shuriken, it's hardly noticeable. Likewise, the increased reliability doesn't translate into much of a boost, because it's still a motorcycle.
  • Probably the best hill-climbing motorcycle in the game (although not the best hill climber. That title probably goes to the Knightmare).
  • Modified enduro or dual-sport with extended rear fork & paddle-tread tire specifically designed for hill-climbing / desert races