A single FUEL Barrel.


Stack of 4 FUEL Barrels.

FUEL Barrels are scattered across the entire map. They are an easy way to earn fuel, and also go towards three achievements.

  • Lone Barrel = 100 FUEL
  • Four Barrels = 400 FUEL

You get the FUEL added to your total when you crash or nudge into them. They are not collected or picked up; just hitting them is enough. (For the four-stack, you don't have to ram each barrel; just touching one in the stack will net you the full 400 FUEL). .

The best way to find them is to travel off road as they will be randomly placed in the fields or between trees in the forests. You can also find them on the roofs of buildings where they can be tricky to get (look for handy jumps and ramps). Multiple FUEL barrels can often be found in the same area.

Tip: These FUEL Barrels respawn endlessly, so you can save time and nerves by not trying to pick up the more difficult to get-at barrels, simply look for others elsewhere. In close proximity of a few heliports more than 1000 FUEL can be collected, so you could visit those a few times, should you be pressed for FUEL.