The smaller truck at a 1/5 view


The bigger truck seen at a 1/1 view


The bigger truck seen with its lights on

All of the roads in FUEL are full of heavy AI trucks that take up a lot of driving space. While they may seem like an annoyance, their presence may keep you from going insane from isolation in this beautiful, yet lonely, landscape. Edit

They can be found driving aimlessly on almost every type of road; due to their width they hog much of the road. The smaller trucks are more common while the bigger trucks are rarer.


There are two types of AI truck: a smaller semi truck and a larger, cab-over-engine truck.

  • The larger truck resembles the Oshkosh HEMTT multi purpose army trucks used by the US army.
  • The smaller truck is an offroad-modified semi truck cab, bearing some resemblance to the Scammell S24.


  • The larger trucks are known to run the smaller trucks off the road.
  •  these trucks are the only vehicles that are seen driving around the map excluding Doppler trucks and Mavericks
  • If contact is made with one of these trucks, they will stop for a few seconds before driving off.
  • The trucks are unusually strong, as colliding with them will push most vehicles back quite a bit, often wrecking some of the smaller ones instantly.