FUEL Sludgeray
Achievement drive    Sludgeray
Unlocked N/A
Cost Free from start
Speed FUEL Bar 1
Acceleration FUEL Bar 1
Grip FUEL Bar 2
Brake FUEL Bar 2
Reliability FUEL Bar 1
Asphalt FUEL Bar 1
Off-road FUEL Bar 6
Max Speed 82mph

  • The good ... fun-to-ride starting bike that makes tree-infested short-cuts possible
  • The bad ... lacks the speed and climbing ability of the Psychotic Fox (your starting buggy)
  • The ugly ... hit anything at top speed, and you're going down faster than a rattlesnake down a sewer pipe!
  • A 125cc enduro bike (that looks like a supermoto with off-road tires)
  • Recommended to upgrade to next dirt bike as soon as possible