FUEL The Educator
Achievement drive    The Educator
Unlocked Redrock Bluffs
Cost Maverick
Speed FUEL Bar 4
Acceleration FUEL Bar 5
Grip FUEL Bar 6
Brake FUEL Bar 3
Reliability FUEL Bar 6
Asphalt FUEL Bar 1
Off-road FUEL Bar 6
Max Speed 105mph

  • This massive school bus is the dream of all of those who were ever late to school because of traffic
  • Grip on all surfaces is impressive, but the grip on rocky surfaces is incredible
  • This vehicle is the most reliable in the game with it's high stats in a lot of areas. The only downside is clearly its size.
  • This school bus is prone to rolling over on two wheels because of its high center of gravity and because of its size and weight
  • Depending on which vehicle you get first (Ironbear through race win, Educator through maverick, or Juggernaut through purchase) you'll basically be set for Truck races for a while. The Ironbear handles better, but the Educator has higher top speed and more reliability. The Juggernaut can get purchased before unlocking the other two, but it's out-classed by the other two. So, unless you absolutely want to complete your vehicle collection, there's not much point to getting the Juggernaut.